breeding boxer, siamese and oriental



Wild One's Need For Speed - Born 2016

HD - B (2018)

SP - 3 (2018)

Heart (ultrasound) - 0, Free (2019)

Ellevill is a really happy boxer as the name says.
Her temperament is super, and we love her personality.
She shows that she takes care of here whole family in a lovely way. 
Ellevill also is really good working at tracking, obedience and other sports. 

Owned by: Us and  Kirsten Johansen

Breeder: Kirsten Johansen (Wild One Boxer)


Wild One's Kissing Queen - Born 2013

Amanda, our energy bomb and hungry as Winnie the Pooh.

A very smart dog who loves to do tasks with full engagement.
Easily to train and very funny.
Always in the middle of everything and loves to give wet kisses.

A super dog in the family and we just love her.

Owned by: Us

Breeder: Kirsten Johansen (Wild One Boxer)

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