breeding boxer, siamese and oriental



Until one has loved an ananimal a part of one's soul remains unawakened

- Anatole France

We are living in a village about 30 km from Oslo, Norway.
In our home the dogs and cats its a part of the family. They can feel free to go anywhere around in the house and we have a yard where they can hang out and play. Home is not a home for us without pets.

At the side of our dogs and cats, we have a few racing horses. 
The dogs is with us at the horses and enjoy training with them.


Our goal is to breed healthy and lovely pets first of all. Very important for us is also a good temperament and ability to work in different sports and

activities. And of course being great family members and your best friend.

We will always do our best to
work close the breed standards and keep up the health testing and following currently recommended health programs to work together to always improve the breeds benefits and health.

A boxer is a lovely and wonderful breed. These dogs are powerful, athletic and smart dogs, giving you a lot of love. Its a really good working dog for many different sports and activities. We love the engaged and joyful boxer.

Siamese and orientals are truly just lovely cats in all ways. Elegant, social, active and smart cats. They are kind of like dogs in some ways. But still own and spectacular. 

Both breeds love to have company, their hearts are filled with love and they are active, playful and lovely.

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Registered in NKK (Norwegian Kennel Klubb) and FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale)

- member of NBK (Norsk Boxer Klubb)

Registered in NRR (Norsk Rasekattklubbers Riksforbund) and FIFe (Fédération Internationale Féline)

- member of ADE (Adelkatten)

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